Mathematical Informatics

Applications for Academic Year 2025

Admission Guide

2025 Admission Guide: Master's and Doctoral Program, Department of Mathematical Informatics, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo.

Keywords and Books

We give keywords and books that you can consult when you prepare for the exam.

Archives of Past Entrance Exams on Mathematical Informatics

Department of Mathematical Informatics has made its entrance exam questions (for the Master's Program) on Mathematical Informatics for the last five academic years available.
The following downloadable PDF files contain questions of Mathematical Informatics for applicants to the Master's Program.
For Academic Year 2024, Master
For Academic Year 2023, Master
For Academic Year 2022, Master
For Academic Year 2021, Master
For Academic Year 2020, Master
For Academic Year 2019, Master
For Academic Year 2018, Master
For international applicants, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology provides an English translation of the written exam questions in all subjects.