Information is the core of society and intelligence in the 21st century. As the consequence of the ever-rising dependence on information science and technology in contemporary society, industry and personal life, it is required to provide and deepen their foundations and to create new ideas. It will be vital for the society to furnish means of effectively configuring the advanced and intelligent information systems that function as the nerve and brain systems of the society. To address these needs, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology was established in April 2001. The Graduate School consists of five departments from 2001 and a new one from 2005; Department of Computer Science, Department of Mathematical Informatics, Department of Information Physics and Computing, Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Department of Mechano-Informatics, and Department of Creative Informatics.
The departments of the School have collaborated to establish and deepen the core science and technology in the field of informatics, while forging a base for international exchange in cutting-edge information science and technology. The 21st Century COE Program on Information Science and Technology Strategic Core is being promoted as one segment of this vision since 2002. On the education side, the learning of the basics of information science and technology through a systematic curriculum, in combination with on-site participation to create progressive research results in information science and technology, cultivates graduate students willing and able to manifest leadership in the global world. One phase of this undertaking is the "Professional Program for Strategic Software" and the "Undergraduate Program for Bioinformatics and Systems Biology” since 2001 and a new educational program “Creative Informatics Initiative Program” follows these programs in 2005.
An additional objective is to make the graduate school open to the society. Promoted as one phase of this effort is establishment of the Affiliated Visiting Professor Chairs" ,as well as the "Advanced Research Assistance (ARA) Program" as a new framework for fruitful collaboration with industrial sectors. Also promoted are collaborations with universities and research institutions around the world for international research and education.
In this way, the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology is structured to organically pool the wisdom and intelligence of information science and technology at the University of Tokyo, and thereby emerges as an innovative base of graduate school level education and research targeting advanced information science and technology that serves the needs of the 21st century.