Special Admission for "English Program on Intelligent Information Processing" (For Prospective Students)

This special admission is for “English Program on Intelligent Information Processing”. We aim to select excellent students from top universities of the world. Good scholarships are available.

  • For enrollment in October 2022
  • Application period: November 1st to 5th (17:00 JST), 2021
  • Examination fee 10,000 JPY
  • Any non-Japanese who live outside Japan during the application process can apply but there is a "Focused Area" where students will be prioritized in MEXT scholarship selection
  • Focused Area: South Asia (India etc.), Thailand, and Vietnam
  • Scholarships for top successful candidates
  • Selection method: 1st by paper screening then interview
  • Interview venues: Depending on the social situation related to COVID-19, the dates and the methods of the entrance examinations is subject to change. The details regarding examination dates and places will be given to applicants who pass the first round of selection.
  • A supervisor’s approval is required prior to submitting application (You can search professors by keywords in the URL below. https://www.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp/news/search_e/search-a_e.shtml)
  • Documents: Please read the Application Guide thoroughly before applying

AY2022 Admission Guide

Online Application Procedures

1. Prepare the necessary materials for your application.

Check the Application Guide and prepare the necessary materials for your application.
This may include your transcripts, certificates, photograph, the proof of your examination fee payment (See 3. below), etc.

2. Enter and check the details of your application through the application system below.

(*available from 11/1)

WEB Application System (Master’s Level)
WEB Application System (Doctoral Level)

■Notes on Photograph Data■

・Upload your photograph to the 'WEB Application System'.
・This photograph will be used for your student ID card after your enrollment.
・Prepare a photograph as guided below:
  -Format: jpeg
  -Size: length 308 pixels × width 236 pixels
  -Resolution: 300 dpi
  -A clear photograph taken within the past 3 months that shows your upper body facing forward with your head uncovered, with plain background
  -Must be different from your passport photo

3. Pay your examination fee.

1) E-shiharai.net (by credit card):
Refer to the 'How to make Payment of Examination Fee at E-shiharai.net' and pay your examination fee as instructed.

→Click here to navigate to 'E-shiharai.net'. 【available period: 10/18-11/5】

■Examination fee for AY2022 admission is 10,000 JPY.

4. Submit (Upload) your application documents.

【Important】 Application documents must be submitted only by uploading the files to the WEB Application System. (*No need to mail them by post.)

■Convert all the required documents into PDF files and upload them to the 'WEB Application System: My Page'. (*available from 11/1)
The deadline for uploading: 17:00 JST, November 5 (Fri), 2021
*Applications which do not contain all the required documents by the deadline cannot be accepted.

5. Submission of Recommendation Letters

Request the letter from your recommender in advance of your application.

【Submission Procedures】

1. Examinees should register the necessary information about the examinees themselves and their recommenders through the 'Registration Form for Recommender'. (*available from 11/1)

2. The URL for uploading the recommendation letter will be notified to the recommender by email.

3. The recommender should upload the recommendation letter to the website indicated in that email.
【The deadline for uploading the recommendation letter】November 12 (Fri), 2021

4. After the recommender completes uploading, both the recommender and the examinee will receive the confirmation message by email.

Notes on Applying

          • After the application process is completed, no changes to the documents will be accepted and the examination fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Other Information


Office of International Relations,
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
The University of Tokyo

TEL: +81-3-5841-4478
*Please replace (at) with @ when sending a message.
*Please contact us by email due to the reduction and teleworking of the staff.

Prospective Students