Opening hours
Students Affairs Group and International Affairs Department

1. Office hours
9:00-14:00 (on weekdays)

* In case of emergency, staff can remain available until 17:00 on weekdays.
If you need to visit during the hours of 14:00-17:00, please contact us beforehand.

2. Services and contacts

Please use e-mails for inquiries and avoid coming to offices as much as possible.

(1) Academic Affairs Department

- Student Support Team/General Affairs

Office Guide for Students
* You can find useful information before you visit us.

- Office of Graduate Students (Graduate School of Information Science and Technology)

- WINGS Office

(2) International Affairs Department

-Office of International Relations (IST)

Please replace * with @.

3. Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine

Available between 9:00-17:30 (located at the entrance hall on the 1st floor of Engineering Building No.8)

Prospective Students