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Media coverage requests

Prior permission is needed for media coverage of the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Information Science and Technology (hereinafter "the UTokyo IST").

For media coverage of IST Faculty, Researchers, Staff and Organizations (interviews, filming, etc.), please directly contact IST faculty and Researchers in each research field. For further details, please also refer to [Organization] > [Departments and Faculty] > [Faculty and Labs].

After completing the schedule adjustment with IST faculty and Researchers, please fill out the application form (including contact details, interview subjects, coverage plan, interview date and time, etc.), and submit by e-mail to the IST PR Office at least one week before the interview/filming implementation date. Please attach any additional documents.
Download a Media Coverage Permission Application (Interview Request Form)

<Points of Note>

  1. Depending on the nature of the request, responses may take a while to process. If you do not receive a response after an extended period of time, please contact IST PR office.
  2. Please send a copy of any published results of the coverage (magazines, books, other media) to IST PR Office.
  3. Media coverage is generally not permitted without prior permission. (Note that permission is required from IST PR Office as well as from the interview subjects.)
  4. We cannot respond to enquiries that request personal information of IST faculty, Researchers, our students, alumni or staff.
  5. We do not rent out our property as a filming location.
  6. Please refrain from media coverage of lectures or coverage that may disturb lectures.
  7. Please refrain from coverage that may identify specific individuals without their personal consent.
  8. In principle, we cannot accept media coverage in outdoor areas of campus.
  9. Please refrain from interviewing an unspecified number of students on campus.

There may be other circumstances under which media coverage requests may be denied. Please make sure to contact us prior to the interview/filming implementation date.

For other (shared) facilities/common spaces of the UTokyo (eg. Akamon gate, Yasuda Auditorium, etc.) , prior permissions are needed by the UTokyo Public Relations Office and/or other departments in addition to the above IST Application. Fore more details, please see here. (In Japanese)

Press Releases・Press Conferences・Information Session

In order to showcase fascinating IST Research to the general public, we distribute the latest news through press releases, press conferences, or information sessions. For IST Press Releases, Please see here.

IST Articles

For the list of IST articles with Google search, please see here .

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If you have any question or want to know more about Public Relations of the UTokyo IST,
Please E-mail ( ist_pr(at) ) .
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