Postgraduate International Research Student (non-degree)

What is it?

An International Research Student (Kenkyusei in Japanese) is a non-degree-pursuing student who studies a specific subject under the supervision of a faculty member of the Graduate School. International research students can also prepare for the entrance examination of the Master or Doctoral program, usually for 1 year. During this period, you can also learn Japanese for your campus activities and your daily life.

Entering into this Research Student program does not guarantee your entrance to our Master's or Doctral program. If you are wishing to enter our Master's or Doctral program, please take an entrance examination. Please refer to the following URL for more details:

How to apply?

First you have to decide to which department you want to apply, which Professor to take academic instruction under. You can contact professors in IST from the following webpage:

Please contact the professor directly by email and get an informal acceptance from him (or her). We recommend you to attach your research program and copy of your transcripts so that the professor can make a judgment.
When you receive the informal acceptance from the professor, please forward the acceptance email to Office of International Relations (OIR).
After that, we can send application forms to you by email.

Period of Application

Winter semester (October) entrance → 6th May ---20th May
Summer semester (April) entrance → 1st November ---19th November

School expenses for the International research student program

Application fees → 9,800 Japanese Yen
Admission fees →  84,600 Japanese Yen
Tuitions → Summer term 173,400 Japanese Yen,
      Winter term 173,400 Japanese Yen (As of April 2021)

Application Guide

Admission Application Procedure for October 2021 and April 2022 ( In Japanese / In English)pdf

After you receive the informal acceptance from the faculty member under whose supervision you would like to research, forward the correspondence that shows the approval to OIR, then ask OIR for the application package. We will e-mail the package to you.

(Updated on March 10, 2021)

Office of International Relations (OIR) Email: istoir.t(at)
※The @ in the e-mail address is written as (at). Please rewrite it when you send a message.

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