English Program on Intelligent Information Processing (For Current Students of IST)

"The English Program in Information Science and Technology" was renewed into "English Program on Intelligent Information Processing" from April 2019.

1.Program Overview

2.Table of Lectures


  Please send the following information to the contact address specified at "7) Contact".
  • Student ID
  • Family name, First name, Middle name
  • Nationality
  • Master's or Doctral course
  • Month and Year of Enrollment
  • Department and Graduate School

4.Modify or Quit Program

  If you need to modify your data or quit program, please contact address specified at "7) Contact".

5.Request Certificate

  Upon the completion of this program, please contact address specified at "7) Contact" to receive a certificate.

6.International Activity Points

  International Activity Point is a quantitative evidence of international activities of Japanese students. If you are a Japanese student, please fill the format, print it, bring it to the activity, and get signature by a staff of ICIST/OIR.  Format to get signature by ICIST/OIR (Only for Japanese Students)


International Center for Information Science and Technology

*Important Note*
This page is only for the Master's and Doctral level students of the Graduate School of Inforamtion Science and Technology, UTokyo. If you are a prospective student and interested in joining the program, please refere to the site below.