Office of International Relations

Formalities (on campus, as of May 16, 2023)

  1. Academic Calendar
  2. School Expenses
    • (1) Fees
    • (2) How to Pay
    • (3) Exemption from Payment of Admission Fee and Tuition Fees
  3. Student ID Card / Research Student ID Card
  4. Issue of Certificates
    • (1) How to Apply
      • 1) Receiving at the counter
      • 2) Receiving by post or email
  5. Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai)
    • (1) Insurance Premiums and Period of Coverage
    • (2) How to join the Insurance
    • (3) Payment of the Insurance
    • (4) Examples of Types and Limits of Claims Payable
  6. Notice of Travel and Notice of Return---When you temporarily leave Japan
  7. Change of Address
  8. Health Service Center
    • Services
    • Location
      • (1) Health Checkup
      • (2) Medical Certificate
      • (3) Diagnoses
  9. Visa Consulting Service
  10. Part-time Job
    • (1) Permit to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted by the Status of residence Previously Granted
  11. The University CO-OP
  12. Credit Card
    • (1) The University of Tokyo Campus Card
    • (2) CO-OP Credit Card (Tuo Card)
  13. Gotenshita Memorial Arena (for sports and exercise activities)
  14. In Case of an Emergency!!
    APPENDIX: How to register for subjects (Guide for degree course students)

1. Academic Calendar

Term Dates and University Calender

2. School Expenses

(1) Fees (subject to change)
(2) How to Pay

Please see 2. Payment Method (Automatic Bank Account Withdrawal) for details.

  1. Application and Admission Fees:
    You must pay into the bank account of the University.
  2. Tuition Fees:
    Degree-course students---Tuition fees are charged twice a year (May and November) for six months each. Usually they will be paid from your bank account. In case you do not register your bank account to the University, you will receive a bill.
    Research students---You have to pay into the bank account of UT using a prescribed form.
(3) Exemptions from Payment/Deffered Payment of Admission Fee and Tuition Fees

Please see here for details.

  1. With financial difficulties, degree-course students are able to apply for the exemption from payment of Admission and Tuition Fees. But, a Research Student has to pay all school expenses.
  2. Monbu-Kagakusho Scholarship students and those in the student exchange program do not need to pay all school expenses.
  3. Inquiry
    Scholarship Team, Student Scholarship and welfare Group,
    Admission and Tuition fee exemption team (1F, Student Support Center in Hongo)
    E-mail: syougaku.adm[at]

3. Student ID Card / Research Student ID Card

After completing the entrance procedures, you will receive your Student ID Card or Research Student ID Card. These cards are IC cards. School & Department, Status (MC or DC), Student ID number, Name, Date of birth, Term of validity, and Photo are shown on the card. 18-digit number is also shown on the card which must be indicated in case of loss and re-issuance of the card.
  • Loss of the Cards
When you lose your ID Card, please immediately inform the loss to the Academic Affairs Division (1F, Eng.Bldg. 8) and apply for a new one. Please keep your card carefully.

4. Issue of Certificates

(1) How to Apply

1) Receiving at the counter

  • By automated issue machines
    • Kinds of Certificates to be issued:
      1. Transcript (Master/Doctor) (Japanese/English)
      2. Certificate of Enrollment (Master/Doctor) (Japanese/English)
      3. Certificate of Completion (Master/Doctor) (Japanese/English)
      4. Certificate for Student Discount Ticket (Master/Doctor)

    ※Certificate of Anticipated Completion can be issued as follows
     Master's:After the 2nd year started.
     Doctor:After the doctoral dissertation is approved at the designated meeting.

  • Place of Service:
    1F, Eng.Bldg.8 on Hongo campus
  • Service Hours:
    Monday through Friday (except national holidays)
  • At International Students Office, Academic Affairs Division (1F, Eng.Bldg.8 on Hongo Campus)
    Kinds of certificates to be issued:
    1. Certificates which are not issued by machine
    2. Certificate of MEXT Scholarship Student (only showing the amount of the scholarship)
      When you need a certificate which specifies the term of the scholarship, please apply at the Office of International Students, School of Engineering & Graduate School of Infomration Science and Technology.
    Office Hours:
    Monday through Friday (except national holidays)
    Your ID Card (with photo)
    Proxy's ID Card (with photo) and Letter of Proxy with a seal or signature of you when your proxy comes.
    Envelop with the address if you want to receive issued document by post.

2) Receiving by post or E-mail

◆Documents required for application

  • Download the Application Form(pdfファイル/159K)Alternatively, applicants may apply with the following documents (no required format).
  • Copy of Personal Indentification: Student ID, Driver's license, Passport, Health Insurance Card, etc. (*Employment ID is unacceptable.)
  • A return envelope (stamped, self-addressed). The same applies when sending certificates overseas.                  

◆Application form entry

  • Type of certificate, language, and number of copies required
  • Student ID number for the courses which the applicant is applying to receive a certificate for (if applicants remember)
  • Department which you graduated from/name of completed major
  • Month and year of graduation/course completion (if a degree was conferred after completing a doctoral course, please indicate the year and the month in which the course was completed and the year, month, and day of degree conferment.)
  • Full name in English
  • Date of birth
  • Current address
  • Daytime contact information (phone number, E-mail address, etc.)
  • Intended use of certificate and submission information requirements (sealed envelope, other instruction, etc.)                  
◆ contact Address
Graducate School of Information Science and Technology
Academic Affairs Department/Student Support Team
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo, 113-8656
◆ Contact for inquiries related to certificate issurance
Academic Affairs Department/ Student Support Team
03-5841-6028,03-5841-7740 (dial-in)
* The @ in the E-mail address is written as [at]. Please rewrite it when sending an E-mail.

5. Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai)

This insurance covers the members against physical injuries arising from unexpected accidents during their educational and research activities. It also covers the injuries by accidents while commuting to the university or institute and during transit between university facilities. For the details, please inquiry at the Academic Affairs Department/Student Support Team (1F, Eng.Bldg.8). (E-mail: gakusei.t(at)
(1) Insurance Premiums and Period of Coverage
UT bears all premiums from April 2007.
(2) How to join the Insurance
No application necessary from April 2007.
(3) Payment of the Insurance
In case of an accident, which will be covered by the insurance, please immediately notify the Academic Affairs Department/Student Support Team and get a Claim Notice Card and a Request Form for Claim.
  • Claim Notice Card must reach the insurance company within 30 days of the accident may result in. (WEB application is available)
  • Request Form for Claim must be filled out and be certified by the Authority and the Health Service Center of the University. Then you need to send it to the insurance company together with the medical certificate by the medical doctor, or the self-reported treatment record and the receipt of medical fees (in case of 100,000 yen or less).
(4) Examples of Types and Limits of Claims Payable
During regular curricular activities or school events
  1. Loss of Life: 20,000,000 yen
  2. Physical Disability: 1,200,000 yen - 30,000,000 yen
  3. Medical Expenses: 3,000 yen - 300,000 yen (Medical treatment for 4 days or more)
  4. Hospital Stays: 4,000 yen per a day (limited to a maximum 180 days)
This insurance will cover injuries during the stay at university facilities, the extracurricular activities off school premises, commuting to the university or in transit between school facilities with the criteria of benefit.

6. Notice of Travel and Notice of Return--When you temporarily leave Japan

When you temporally leave Japan on official trip or in private, you need to submit forms to your department office.
  1. Notice of Travel (Ryoko-Todoke)
    Before leaving Japan, get your supervising professor's approval and then submit to the office. When you change your itinerary, please immediately inform the office.
  2. Notice of Return (Kikoku-Todoke)
    After reporting to your supervisor; submit the form to the department office.
  3. Before you temporally leave Japan, please check the expiration date of your visa and the web site below.

7. Change of Address

When you move into a new residence, the following formalities are requested:
  1. Report your change of address to a city office in your new area of residency and revise the Foreign Resident Registration.
  2. Report your change of address to the National Health Insurance section in the city office and get a new National Health Insurance Card
  3. Change your address registered at the bank or post office
  4. Submit "Change of Address Notice" to the post office. (Card is available at the post office.) The post office will forward mails to your new address for one year free of charge.
  5. Notify your change of address to the International Students Office (1F, Eng.Blgd.8).
  6. Regular students (Master's/Doctral) must update the address on UTAS.

8. Health Service Center

The Health Service Centers is opened for all students. There are three branches: Hongo Branch, Komaba Branch, which is located on Komaba Campus I, and Kashiwa Branch.
  • Services
    • Regular Medial Examinations
    • Special Medical Examinations
    • Consulting and enlightening
    • Diagnoses
    • Issue of Health Certificate
  • Location
(1) Health Checkup
The Health Service Center offers regular medical examinations for all students. It is free in charge.
  1. Venue: at Hongo Campus
  2. There are two types of medical examination.
    Health checkup at the admission time: around May and October
    Regular checkup from the second year in: late May or early June

    Even if you take a check in November at your admission, never forget to take the regular check again in next May/June. If you do not take the regular checkup, you are unable to get medical certificates after May/June.
  3. You are strongly recommended to take these health checkups. You can get a “Medical Certificate” which is needed for applying scholarship free of charge if you take these checks.
  4. You need to bring
    - Student ID Card
    - Medical Data Book--You will get it at the first examination.
  5. The Health Service Center will notify students who need to take a close examination.
(2) Medical Certificate/Certificate of check-up results
Students who took the regular medical examinations can get a medical certificate for free. These students can also have an extra examination at the Health Service Center.
You need to show your student ID card at the reception of the Center and fill an application form.
(3) Diagnoses Consultation Hours
  1. Please bring your Student ID Card with you when you receive the medical treatments.
  2. National Health Insurance Program will not cover your expenses at the Health Service Center. The medical free reimbursement program will not cover the payment at the Health Center as well.

9. Visa Consulting Service

UT offers "Visa Consulting Service" to our registered international students and researchers from November 2006.

10. Part-time Job

Foreigners who have the "status of residence" limiting their activities are unable to engage in paid activities that are not permitted under their status of residence.
Having a residence status of "College Student", you are not permitted to work with pay. It is illegal to work for money without getting "Permit to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted".
(1) Permit to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted by the Status of residence Previously Granted
Holding this permit, you are able to work on the following conditions:
  1. There is a limit on working hours
    • 28 hours a week during the semester
    • 8 hours a day during long school breaks such as summer holidays
  2. Even if you want to engage in part-time job at your lab, you have to get a permit
  3. Never be engaged in the sexual or entertainment industry
  4. It is possible to apply for the permission in advance
  5. The period of validity of this permission is the same as your visa validity period.
  6. International students of the University of Tokyo do not need to obtain this work permit when they work as a Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant at the University.
  7. Part-time work is not permitted during leaves of absence from the university.
Application Procedures
Submit the items listed below to an Immigration Bureau office in person. If the request is approved, the certificate of permission will be issued in about two to three weeks after the application. In addition, you can simultaneously apply for an extension of your period of stay along with this application for part-time work permission.
Needed Documents
- Application for Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted (available at Immigration Bureau offices, and downloadable from the Ministry of Justice’s website).
- Your passport or registration card

11. the University CO-OP

University CO-OP runs bookstores, stores that sell clothing, stationeries, electrical machineries, computer hardware and software, and other daily necessities. It also runs cafeterias on the campuses. You can buy books and most of all general goods, at prices 10-20% cheaper than the ordinary maker prices.
To get this CO-OP reduction, you need to join the CO-OP at first. Your membership card will be issued after payment of the membership deposit at the head office. The investment is 24,000 yen (400 yen per unit, 60 units). If you apply online, 500 yen will be required as system fee.
For the details, please ask the head office. This deposit will be refunded on request when you finish your study at the University of Tokyo and leave the university.

12. Credit Card

(1) The University of Tokyo Campus Card
- Only for degree-course students
- DC Master Card; without any annual charge
- Deferred payment service using student ID card (IC card) is scheduled from 2005 fall on the campus.
  • Inquiry: Sales Div., DC Card Tel: 03-5420-8243
(2) CO-OP Credit Card
※Tuo Card VISA has closed new applications as of the end of February 2022. If you are a member of the University Co-op, you can join the Sumitomo Mitsui Card (NL). This is a numberless credit card issued by Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co., Ltd. Click here for details.
  • Inquiry: Application Desk Tel: 0120-816-437

13. Gotenshita Memorial Arena (for sports and exercise activities) MAP

The Arena is aimed at providing a place where all students and faculty can readily participate in sports and exercise activities.
  • Facilities:
    • Gymnasium
    • Climbing Wall
    • Swimming Pool
    • Training Room for weight training, aerobic exercise, super-circuit exercise, step exercise, etc.
    • Meeting Room, Seminar Room, Sports consultants
  • Entrance Fees:
    Student Faculty
    One-day ticket 400 yen 400 yen
    Multiple-purchase coupon ticket 4,000 yen 4,000 yen
    Half-year pass card 6,000 yen 8,000 yen
    Yearly pass card 9,000 yen 11,000 yen