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Scholarship Info
(As of April 1, 2012; subject to change, check notice boards)

Private scholarship registration system of Graduate School of Information Science and Technology more info
For the details of scholarships available now, please inguire your department office.
MEXT (Monbu-kagakusho) Scholarships
Categories of MEXT Scholarships
There are two application procedures in applying for Japanese Government (Monbu-Kagakusho=MEXT) Scholarship.
A. Recommendation by the Japanese Embassy
Screening is carried out by a Japanese embassy overseas. For the details, please directly contact the Japanese embassy or consulates in your country of nationality.
How to request "Letter of Acceptance" or "Admission Certificate":
If you would like to obtain "Letter of Acceptance" or "Admission Certificate" for MEXT scholarship from Graduate School of IST, first you must pass a preliminary examination given by the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General in your home country. Then you are requested to take steps as follows:
    1. Choose one faculty member as a future academic advisor. You may find information on each department, faculty members' research fields, etc. at IST website.

  1. Submit all the required documents to the Office of International Relations. We need a name of professor you chose as a supervisor. We will receive electrical copies temporally, but their physical copies must be sent by post.
    Office of International Relations
    Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
    The University of Tokyo
    7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656, Japan
    email: ist_oir(at)
    ※The @ in the e-mail address is written as (at). Please rewrite it when you send the message.
    phone/fax: +81-3-5841-4478.
  2. Required documents:
    1. Application for Acceptance (on the prescribed form)
    2. Copy of "Certificate of the Preliminary Selection" issued by the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General
    3. Attested copies of all the documents you submitted to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General
      (e.g. application forms, study plan, transcript, diploma, abstracts of theses, recommendation letter, medical certificate, etc.)
    4. Please note that the Graduate School may request you to submit additional documents depending on the situation.
After screening in several levels, our Graduate School will officially inform you of the result. We are unable to consider you as a candidate for acceptance unless you submit all the requirements.
B. Recommendation by the Japanese University
  1. For students who will newly come to Japan
    Based on the exchange agreement or the like, the UT recommends students who wish to study at UT and are nominated by universities abroad. Selection is carried out before the applicants come to Japan.
    Application Period: November - January
  2. For self-supported students already enrolled or expected to enroll in a Japanese university (Domestic selection)
    Japanese universities recommend excellent self-supported students.
    Application Period: September - October
    Scholarship Benefits(as of 2012 fiscal year)
    • Scholarship Amount: (Basic Monthly Stipend + Additional Stipend)

      ・Basic Monthly Stipend
      status stipend
      Research student(graduate school) 143,000 yen
      Master's student 144,000 yen
      Doctoral student 145,000 yen
      ・Additional Stipend for Designated Area
      Additional Stipend Principal place of research(example)
      3,000 yen Hongo,Komaba,Nakano and Shirokane campuses
      2,000 yen Kashiwa campus
      * The additional stipend varies according to the student's "principal place of research," regardless of place of residence.
    • Travel Allowance:Round-trip economy-class air ticket
    • School Fees:Academic fees (application fee, admission fee and tuition) will be compensated by Japanese Government.
Info for MEXT Scholarship Students

1. How to receive the monthly stipend

  1. Your stipend will be paid into your registered postal account around 23rd of each month. Never close your account before receiving the last stipend, please.
  2. You have to sign a document confirming your registration at the Department Office you belong at the beginning of each month. When you are late for the designated period, you should come to the Office by the end of the month concerned. In this case the payment of the stipend is automatically postponed to the next month.
  3. When you are out of Japan for a full month (from the 1st day to the last day of the same month) or leave from school, the stipend will not be paid for that month regardless of the reason.

2. Extension of the Scholarship Term

  1. You are unable to apply for extension of the scholarship term in the following cases:
      1. If you are continuously registered as "Research Student".

      1. If you had registered in the non-degree program for two years and then were admitted to the Master's course.

      1. If you had registered in the non-degree program longer than one year and then were admitted to the doctoral course.

      1. If you are Chinese "Shuryo Hakase"

    1. When you fail to complete the master's course study in two years or doctoral course study in three years, and continue your study in the same course for extra years.
  2. Your department office will notify on the application. Regarding the MEXT regulation, please inquire at your department office.

3. Change of the university

Monbu-Kagakusho enforces the strict rules on changing the university. MEXT basically does not permit the scholarship students recommended by the university to change the university.

4. Declination of the scholarship

If you withdraw from the UT during the term of scholarship, you have to submit a reason letter of declination to the Monbu-Kagakusho in a free format. A reason letter written by your supervising professor must be attached.
You need to submit Letter of declining Return Travel Expenses as well.

5. Return air-ticket

  1. You cannot receive the return travel expenses (return air-ticket) in the following cases:
      1. If you withdraw from the university and return home for personal reasons during the term of scholarship.

      1. If you fail to complete the study in registered course during the scholarship term and continue your research as a self-supported student or a researcher.

      1. If you are employed and continue to stay in Japan.

    1. If you are unable to leave Japan during the designated period.
  2. In these cases, you must submit Letter of declining Return Travel Expenses.
  3. In Case a.,you are requested to submit a reason letter of declination of the scholarship. 4. Declination of the scholarship

6. Other

You must submit a study result report at the end of every academic year.
JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) Scholarships
Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students
JASSO, Japan Student Services Organizationprovides scholarships to privately financed international students.
  1. Qualifications
    If you meet the following conditions, you are eligible to apply:
    1. "College Student" residential status holders
    2. Degree course students and research students
    3. Applicants must have acquired high academic records more than the criterion.
    4. Be providing less than 90,000 yen a month.
    5. Receiving less than 65,000 yen per month from other scholarship programs.
    6. Supporter in Japan earns less than 500 million yen a year.
  2. Amount: 65,000 yen a month (as of 2012)
  3. Term of Scholarship: 1 year
  4. Application Period: Once a year (as a general rule) at the end of April or early May. If there are vacancies, second recruitment will be done in October.
Short-term Student Exchange Promotion Program (Inbound) Scholarship
This program supports international students who are planning to study or take researches shortly (minimum three months; maximum one year) under the student exchange agreement between Japanese universities and universities abroad. These students must keep registering at the university abroad.
Scholarship Benefits (from 2012 fiscal year)
  • Allowance (monthly stipend): 80,000 yen
UT Scholarships
The University of Tokyo offers several scholarships to registered students. For the details, please inquire at your Department Office.
Foreign Students Special Scholarship Program (UT Fellowship)(as of 2012)
The University provides scholarships to self-financed international students who showed their excellence in entrance exam.
  1. Grantees cannot apply for exemption from tuition fees.
  2. "College Student" visa status is required.
  3. Amount of Scholarship: 150,000 yen a month.
  4. Term of Scholarship: Maximum 2 years (Master's student), 3 years (Doctoral student) or 1 year (Research student).
International Academic Exchange Grant Program
The University provides scholarships to students who study abroad.
  1. Research students are not eligible to apply.
  2. Amount of Scholarship: 100,000 yen a month.
  3. Term of Scholarship: more than 3 months and not exceed 1 year, in principle.
  4. Application Period: Once a year.
Academic Research Grant Program (International)
The University supports students who present their papers in conference abroad or go abroad on fieldwork.
  1. Amount of Subsidy: Maximum 200,000 yen depending on the area to visit.
  2. Including 50,000 yen for part of travel expenses, registration fee, etc.
  3. Application Period: Twice a year.
Scholarship by the UT Fund for Supporting International Students
The University of Tokyo collects contributions for supporting international students. UT grants scholarships to international students who are doing well in study and have difficulties financially.
  1. Amount of Subsidy: 50,000 yen a month
  2. Term of Scholarship: 1 year
  3. Application Period: Twice a year