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2021 Winter Examination for Doctoral course (including Doctoral course and Special Selection for Professionals) (Modified on Nov. 5, 2020)

Oral Examinations are conducted online from Jan. 22(Fri) to 28(Thu), 2021.

  • Prepare devices equipped with a camera for the oral examination (Windows/Mac are recommended).
  • Details on the oral examination will be announced by e-mail at the beginning of Jan.
  • Use e-mail for contact written in the Admission Guide for Department of Information Physics and Computing.

Admission Guide

  • 2021 Admission Guide for Department of Information Physics and Computing is now available. We have made some updates to the Admission Guide. Please read the items below carefully.
    • Admission Guide (systemR03e.pdf)
    • Preference Card [English] (preference_card-2021e.doc)
    • E-mail is only available for contacting Department Administration Office:
      office _AT_
    • For Examinations on Specialized Subjects, students shall choose one subject from among the following: "Information Physics and Computing", "Mathematical Informatics", "Computer Science", and "Information and Communication Engineering". (5/23 updated)
    • As written examination will not be conducted, applicants cannot choose the specialized subject from the other departments. For reference in oral examination, please circle the specialized subject you were going to choose in the field of "Specialized subjects to be tested on the Examination" of the preference card, when submitting your application. (5/23 updated)
    • For master's program, the entrance examination will be conducted from August 17 (Mon) to August 20 (Thu), 2020. For doctoral program, the entrance examination will be conducted from August 17 (Mon) to August 21 (Fri), 2020. Details will be announced later. (5/23 updated)
    • Based on the interdisciplinary nature of the Department of Information Physics and Computing, this Department seeks applicants from a wide range of fields, both inside and outside The University of Tokyo, with a fundamental understanding and knowledge of mechanics, electricity, physics, mathematics, and information. Examination subjects have been selected to ensure that applicants from diverse disciplines who are not students of The University of Tokyo can take the Examinations under conditions that are fair to all, with no priority or advantages offered to persons already registered at The University of Tokyo.

  • For entrance examination briefing for AY2021 admission, please see Admissions on Graduate School page.

    • The slide used in the entrance examination briefing on May 23, 2020 can be found here.

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