Faculty Members and Laboratories

Faculty Research Fields Room Lecture
Professor Yoshihiko Nakamura Robotics, Mechatronics, Automatic Control Eng. 2-82D2 Robotics, Intelligent Control
Professor Isao Shimoyama Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems, Robotics Eng. 2-81D4 Intelligent Mechanics
Professor Michitaka Hirose System Engineering, Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, Media Technology Eng. 2-83D4 Mixed Reality Systems, Bio-Systems Engineering
Professor Masayuki Inaba Information Engineering, Robotics, Computer Vision Eng. 2-73A1 Realtime Systems, Bio-Systems Engineering, Agent Systems
Professor Ryohei Kanzaki Neural Mechanisms of Behavior, Bio-Informatics RCAST
Neural Mechanisms of Behavior
Professor Yasuo Kuniyoshi Intelligent Systems, Application of Brain Information Processing, Human-Machine Cooperative Learning Systems Eng. 2-82D3 Realtime Systems, Brain-Type Information Processing Machines
Professor Tatsuya Harada Intelligent Robots, Intelligent Information Processing, Real-World Image Annotation and Retrieval, Real-World Modeling and Prediction Eng. 2-81D1 Intelligent Information Theory
Professor Shoji Takeuchi Micro/Nano Mechatronics, Neural Interfaces, Bio-Hybrid Systems IIS
Professor Kei Okada Coexist and Cooperate Humanoid, Real-World Robot Vision, Intelligent Software System Eng. 2-73A2 Agent Systems, Intelligent Systems
Associate Professor Tomohiro Tanikawa Realtime Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Real-World Interface Eng. 2-83D3 Human Interface
Associate Professor Ko Yamamoto Robotics Eng. 2-82D1 Intelligent Control
Lecturer Hirokazu Takahashi Micro Machining, Neural Engineering, Neurophysiology RCAST
Biological Systems
Lecturer Tomoyuki Takahata Microelectromechanical Systems/Optical Sensor Eng. 2-81D3 Intelligent Mechanics
Lecturer Ryuma Niiyama Soft Robotics, Bio-inspired Robot, Printable Robot Eng. 2-82D4 Human-Machine Informatics
Lecturer Narumi Takuji Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cross-modal Interface, Human-Machine Cooperative Systems Eng. 2-83D3 Human Interface
Lecturer Yoshitaka Ushiku Real-World Intelligent Information Processing, Big Data, Cross-Media Analysis Eng. 2-81D2 Intelligent Information Theory