October 16, 2014

Accepting Applications for Master's and Doctoral course student

Application Period Schedule of Winter Examinations for all Departments of Doctoral program, and Department of Computer Science, Department of Information and Communication Engineering and Department of Creative Informatics of Master's Program.

-Submission period: December 15 (Monday), 2014
to December 17 (Wednesday), 2014
-Examination period: Between late January and middle of February, 2015
(For details on schedule, refer to
"the Admission Guide" for the Department)
-Entrance time: April 2015


  1. Since 2005, the TOEFL has replaced the English language entrance exam. Please refer to the“2015 Guidelines for Submission of TOEFL Scores".
  2. In order to take entrance examination, all applicants have to submit the prescribed application form. This application form is paper based form which you have to ask the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology to ship it out to you by postal mail. We don't accept the electric version of the application from.