Study Abroad (Exchange Program etc)


   ・Program Offered by University

Open Call Participants Program for the students of the University of Tokyo. Students are exchanged between UTokyo and partner universities (overseas universities with which UTokyo has signed memorandums on student exchange) for a period of 1 semester to 1 year. (Generally called Student Exchange) There are two ways to apply for this. Through University-wide Exchange program or/and through Graduate School of IST exchange program.

   ・Direct Application Program 

Some programs organized by partner universities or public institutions accept direct applications from UTokyo students. As students need to complete all procedures by themselves, it is necessary to collect suffiient information before they actually apply. Any questions and/or concern need to be addressed to the universities or institutions they are applying directly.


・Erasmus+ Trento: Ask us for more details.


・Risk Management

You must buy Overseas Travel Insurance before you leave Japan. The University of Tokyo published the “Overseas Travel Risk Management Guidebook”. Students are expected to read the guidebook thoroughly and understand the risks in travel overseas, and take steps to ensure your safety.

Overseas Travel Risk Management Guidebook

・Recomended URL

Students Portal Site(Engineering & IST)

Jasso Study Abroad Information