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Application to the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology (IST), at the University of Tokyo


(1)@If you want to enter IST, first you have to decide
IDTo which department you want to apply
IIDWhich Professor to take academic instruction under

(2)@When you choose your department and professor at IST, please contact the professor via email as required. We recommend you attach your research program and a copy of your transcripts when you contact your professor so that the professor understands who you are.

[For research student candidates only]
When you receive the informal acceptance from your professor, please forward the acceptance email to the Office of International Relations (OIR).

(3)@When you contact a professor, please take advice from your professor as to which status to apply for in UT.
①@Start as a Research Student
②@Start as a Master / Doctoral student.
  • A research student means ga candidate of Master / Doctoral student.h You can prepare for the entrance examination for 6 months under your professor in UT. During this period, you also can learn Japanese which you will need in your daily life and lab.
  • A Master / Doctoral student means ga proper Master / Doctoral student.h To become a proper student, you have to come to Japan once just for one-day entrance examination. It means, you have to pay for your plane tickets and accommodation just for the exam. If you pass the examination, thatfs fine. However, if you fail the examination, all money you paid for the exam will have been wasted. So we donft recommend this unless you have full confidence in passing the exam, nor you donft mind the money.
    Consequently, most international students choose to start as a Research Student. In addition, Research Students can take instruction preparing for the entrance examination from their professors.
(4)@When you decide your starting status, then please consider about scholarship programs.
① Start as a Research Student Do you need Scholarship in Japan?
A)You need Scholarship in Japan
If you need a scholarship, we would recommend you to take gMEXT scholarshiph and come as a MEXT student. It is the Japanese embassyfs scholarship which has several advantages like; Japanese language training, visa procedure, money, and so on. For detailed information, you can ask at Japanese embassy. (Although we have some private scholarships in UT, they are highly competitive.)
When you pass the MEXT exam, please send us following documents:
  1. Certificate of your passing preliminary selection by the embassy
  2. Copy of your application documents which you submitted to the embassy
  3. Copy of your transcripts
  4. Copy of your degree certificate
B)You donft need Scholarship in Japan
Your professor will send you a Research Student application form. Please fill in the form and send it back to us by airmail.
②@Start as a Master / Doctoral student Do you need Scholarship in Japan?
A)You need Scholarship in Japan@@See ①- A).
B)You donft need Scholarship in Japan
Please tell us which course (Master or Doctoral) to take and your address so that we can send you a Master / Doctoral application form. Fill in the form and send it back to us.

Office of International Relations
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
The University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8656
Engineer Building8, 1F
Tel: 03-5841-4478

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