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Creative Informatics
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Faculty and Labs

Faculty Members Research Fields
Professor Takeo Igarashi User Interface, Computer Graphics
Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa Perception Action System, Vision Chip
Professor Masayuki Inaba Intelligent Robot, Humanoid
Professor Akiko Takeda Mathematical Optimization, Operations Research,
Professor Hiroshi Esaki Smart Internet, Sensor Network
Professor Shigeru Chiba Programing Languages, System Software
Professor Mary Inaba
Network, Supercomputer, Computational Geometry
Professor Hideki Nakayama
Machine Perception, Multimedia Recognition and Retrieval, Statistical Pattern Recognition
Professor Toshiya Hachisuka
Computer Graphics, Computational Statistics, Numerical Computation
Professor Ryota Shioya
Computer Architecture, Computer System, System Software
Thesis Advisors Research Fields
Professor Shinpei Kato
Operating Systems, High-Performance Computing, Automated driving
Professor Hiroshi Saruwatari Speech and Acoustic Signal Processing, Machine Learning
Professor Shuichi Sakai Computer System, Dependable Computing
Professor Kenji Yamanishi Information Theoretic Learning Theory, Data Mining (Anomaly Detection, Network Mining, Latent Dynamics, Applications to Marketing, Security)
Professor Tatsuya Harada Real World Intelligent Systems

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