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The English Program in IST

How to register for the English Program

If you would like to enroll in the Information Science and Technology English Program, you must take and pass the regular entrance examination for the masterfs or doctoral course. After passing the entrance examination, you will be able to register classes conducted in English through UT-mate (Class registration system) at the time of class registration.

-Schedule of Accepts Applications

For details of entrance exam, please refer to gAdmission Guideh.

ySummer Examinationsz

For all Departments, Masterfs program and Doctoral program
Submission period: Late June to early July
Examination period: Late August
Entrance time: October or next April

yWinter Examinationsz

For all Departments of Doctoral program, and for the Department of
Computer Science, Department of Information and Communication
Engineering and the Department of Creative Informatics of Master's program

Submission period: The middle of December
Examination period: Between late January and early of February
Entrance time: April

-TOEFL Scores@yImportantz

The Graduate School of Information Science and Technology does not conduct foreign language examinations as part of entrance examinations; instead, it evaluates English abilities based on the submitted TOEFL scores.
For more details, please refer to gGuidelines for Submission TOEFL Scoresh

-School Expenses of Masterfs and Doctoral Program

yMasterfs Programz

Examination Fee ¥30,000
Admission Fee ¥282,000
Tuition ¥535,800

yDoctoral Programz

Examination Fee ¥30,000
Admission Fee ¥282,000
Tuition@ ¥520,800

As of October 1, 2016

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the University of Tokyo