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Information Physics and Computing
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Faculty members and laboratories

Faculty Member Reserach fields Room Lecture
Hiroshi Saruwatari
Speech and Acoustic Signal Processing, Music Information Processing, Statistical Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Nonlinear System Analysis Eng.6-244
Takaaki Nara
Inverse Problems, Indirect Measurement, Non-invasive Measurement, Non-destructive inspection Eng.6-242 Advanced Theory of Inverse Problems
Hiroyuki Shinoda@
Tactile sensing, tactile displaying, sensor networks Eng.6-241 Advanced Theory of Information Physics and Devices
Masatoshi Ishikawa@
Sensor Fusion, Vision Chip, Optics in Computing Eng.6-251 Recognition Systems
Hiroshi Nakamura
High Performance Computer Architecture, VLSI Design, Parallel and Distributed Computing Eng.1-507 System Architecture
Koji Ikuta@
Bio Micromachine, IH Process, Chemical IC, Medical Robotics, Surgical Robotics Eng. 6-243
Masahiko Inami
Information Somatics, Augmented Human, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Wearable Computing, Entertainment Computing, Experience Technology Eng.6-240 Advanced Virtual Reality
Hiroki R. Ueda
Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology, Whole-brain Cell Analysis, Sleep/wake rhythm Med.
Bldg. S801
Adjunct Professor
Kunio Kashino@
Media Information Processing, Auditory Scene Analysis, Fast Information Search and Retrieval Eng.6-153 Media Processing
Associate Professor
Ayumu Matani
Brain Function Instrumentation, Brain-Machine Interface, Brain Current Stimulation, Signal Processing Eng.1-141 Brain System Analysis
Associate Professor
Kohji Tsumura@
Control Theory, Modeling and System Identification, Control Theory in Interdisciplinary Research Areas (Information Control Theory, Quantum Control) Eng.6-252 Dynamical Systems
Associate Professor
Masaaki Kondo@
Microprocessor, High-Performance Computing, Cognitive Computing Eng.6-247 Parallel and Distributed Systems
Associate Professor
Takahiro Shinagawa@
Operating Systems, System Software, Virtualization, Secure Computing ITC-414
Assistant Professor
Yoshihiro Watanabe
High-speed Image Processing, High-speed Digital Archiving, High-speed Input Interface Eng.6-254 Advanced Topics of Vision Systems
Assistant Professor
Takayuki Hoshino
Biophysics and systems engineering, Cell/Tissue engineering, Nano-structure science, Self-organized system, Man-machine interface Eng.14-621
Assistant Professor
Masashi Ikeuchi
Micro/Nano Fabrication, MEMS, Tissue Engineering, Biomaterial, Medical Device, Membrane Microdevice, Micro/Nano Robot RCAST 4-506
Assistant Professor
Atsushi Hiyama
Human Computer Interaction, Mixed Reality, Gerontechnology, Spatial Media Eng.1-408

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