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Computer Science
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Faculty and Labs

Name Research Area Room
Prof. Masami Hagiya Theory of computing, theory of programs, mathematical logic, programming languages, software engineering, formal methods, molecular computing, biomolecular computing, DNA computer 203
Prof. Hiroshi Imai Algorithm, discrete structure, computational geometry, optimization, quantum information science 207
Prof. Reiji Suda Parallel numerical processing 201
Prof. Naoki Kobayashi Programming languages, program verification 505
Prof. Takeo Igarashi User interface, computer graphics 303
Prof. Masashi Sugiyama Machine learning, statistical data analysis 514
Prof. Yusuke Miyao Natural language processing, Computational linguistics 203
Assoc. Prof. Yoshihide Yoshimoto Computational science, parallel simulation software (especially, first-principles electronic structure calculation) 209
Assoc. Prof. Shinpei Kato Operating Systems, Real-Time Systems, Parallel and Distributed Systems 501
Assoc. Prof. Noboru Kunihiro Cryptography, Information Security 235
Lecturer Issei Sato Statistical machine learning 506
Lecturer Junya Honda Information theory, Machine learning 406
Prof. Satoru Miyano Computational learning theory, genome informatics HGC, IMS
Prof. Kenta Nakai Genome informatics HGC, IMS
Prof. Seiya Imoto Genome statistical science, microarray gene expression data analysis HGC, IMS
Assoc. Prof. Tetsuo Shibuya Algorithms in computational biology HGC, IMS
Assoc. Prof. Rui Yamaguchi Large-scale data analysis, statistical science HGC, IMS
Lecturer Ashwini Patil Bioinformatics, protein structure analysis, systems biology HGC, IMS
Prof. Toshiyuki Nakata Parallel architectures,parallel programming languages, architecture of cyber physical systems SICT
Prof. Kentaro Shimizu Bioinformatics, parallel and distributed computing Agri.
Prof. Akihiko Takano Programming algebra NII
Prof. Akiko Aizawa Text media, knowledge processing NII
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