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Sep. 14, 2015
Invited Talk: Professor William J. Dally

Professor William J. Dally 
Stanford University
Chief scientist and SVP of NVIDIA Research

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology,
the University of Tokyo
(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan Top Global University Project)Presents:
Date: Monday, September 14th, 2015

16:00 ー 18:00


Room 213, Engineering Bldg. 2nd 1F, Hongo campus,
The University of Tokyo

Title: A Lightspeed Data Center Network
Abstract: Emerging data center applications demand low latency and high bandwidth networks - similar to those found in high-performance computers. This talk walks through a thought experiment of what a data center network using best practices HPC network design would look like. It shows that a “dragonfly network” using global adaptive routing and speculative reservations for congestion avoidance can offer network latencies that are dominated by the time-of-flight over the network cables. Because of reduced buffering and better channel utilization such a network would have lower component cost than a conventional network with comparable performance.
Contact: Reiji Suda
Hidetsugu Irie

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
the University of Tokyo