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The English Program in IST

The English Program in Information Science and Technology

The English Program in Information Science and Technology is a part of the regular study program of the graduate school and has started in October 2010. The program was established to answer the needs of the international age, allowing graduate students enrolled in the program to carry out their studies entirely in English, i.e., by attending lectures in English, taking examinations in English, writing reports or giving presentations in English, being supervised in English, and finally writing a thesis in English. The English Program offers sufficient courses to fulfill the graduation requirements of each department. When they graduate, those enrolled in the program will receive a degree certified by their department, just as other students in the department.

The goal of research and education at the Graduate School, including on the English Program, is to enable students to acquire systematic knowledge of information science and technology, and to foster individuals who can act as leaders in research and development in information science and technology, thereby contributing to the further development of the field. Those who master the fundamentals of information science and technology in the English Program, in particular, have the capacity for activity at the global level, and are strongly motivated to resolve novel problems and build the future of global society.

To register for this program, first, you must apply for the entrance examination for the regular master course or doctoral course in the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology. Passing this entrance examination is a requirement for applying to the program. You must then finish your registration by submitting the registration form to Office of Graduate school of Information Science and Technology. You may also finish registration through UT-mate during the time of class registration. Students of this English program belong to one of the six departments of Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, just the same as the other students.

The program is for foreign applicants with sufficient English ability, but applicants’ nationality and prior experience with education in English are not taken into consideration during the enrollment process.

Although the graduate school offers a variety of lectures in English, those who are enrolled in the English Program are not prevented from attending lectures in Japanese and earning credits.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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