June 12, 2020

Announcement of Office Reopening of Students Affairs Group and International Affairs Department from June 15.

*The following status has not changed after Index for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 is lowered to Level 0.5. (As of August 25, 2020)

As the University of Tokyo Activity Restriction Index for Preventing
the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is going to be lowered
to Level 1 on June 15, the offices of Students Affairs Group and
International Affairs Department will partially reopen as stated below.

Infection disease control measures will still need to be conducted
even after the office reopens. We ask for your kind understanding and

1. Outline of the changes in the Activity Restrictions

As the level will be lowered from 2 (Severe Restrictions) to 1
(Partial Restrictions), office will reopen with the utmost
consideration taken against the spread of infection. Office hours
will be shorter than the usual hours.

2. Date of the reopening and office hours

Scheduled reopening date: June 15, 2020 (Mon.)
Office hours: 9:00-13:00 (on weekdays)
(usual hours were 9:00-17:00 on weekdays)

* In case of emergency, staff can remain available until 17:00 on weekdays.
If you need to visit during the hours of 13:00-17:00, please contact us ahead of time.
* Entrance doors of Engineering Building No.8 will be locked except
during office hours.

3. Reopening offices, services and contacts

Please use e-mails for inquiries and avoid coming to offices as much
as possible.
(1) Academic Affairs Department
- Student Support Team/General Affairs

- Office of Graduate Students (Graduate School of Information Science
and Technology)

- WINGS Office

(2) International Affairs Department

-Office of International Relations (IST)

Please replace * with @.

(3) Automatic Certificate Issuing Machine (located at the entrance hall
on the 1st floor of Engineering Building No.8)
(available between 9:00-13:00)

* Information regarding reopening of departmental offices will be
announced from each office directly to its department members.

4. Notes

(1) Infection disease control measures will be conducted at the office
(2) Waiting time will be longer than usual right after reopening.
(3) Offices and services will be closed/stopped without notice if a large
wave of visitors causes the office spaces to be crowded with people,
as this is counterproductive to preventing infection.

5. Reference

University Response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019