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How to apply

Exchange student (non-degree)

What is it?

An Exchange research student means gan international student from university which has Academic Exchange Agreements.h (Please refer to the following web site@// ). You can study for 6 months or 1 year under your professor in the University of Tokyo. During this period, you also can learn Japanese useful for your campus activities and your daily life.

How to apply?

First you have to decide which department you want to apply and which Professor to take academic instruction under. You can contact Professors in IST from the following webpage:

Please contact the professor directly by email and get an informal acceptance from him (or her). We recommend you to attach your research program and copy of your transcripts so that the professor can make a judgment.
When you receive the informal acceptance from the professor, please forward the acceptance email to Office of International Relations (OIR).
At the same time, you have to contact the student exchange officer in your university.

Registration deadline

Winter semester (October) entrance ¨ 1st May ---31st May
Summer semester (April) entrance ¨@1st November ---30th November

Application forms

Please contact Office of International Relations (OIR)@and get application forms. The required documents as follows. It must be originals (no photocopies). Photocopies of the certificates without attested seal of the universities issued are not accepted.

  1. Application for Admission as an Exchange Program Student (a prescribed form).
  2. Statement of Research Plan (a prescribed form).
  3. Graduation certificate issued by the university or college attended.
  4. Transcript of scholastic record issued by the university or college attended.
  5. Letter of recommendation either from the department chairman or the faculty advisor of the university or college attended either in Japanese or in English. It must be dated within the past six months prior to the application deadline.
  6. Certificate of Proficiency in Japanese written by a teacher of Japanese language or a similarly qualified person and dated within the past six months prior to the application deadline (a prescribed form).
  7. Plan of Student Life in Japan (a prescribed form).
  8. Certificate of the Foreign Resident Registration issued within the past three months prior to the application deadline.(Only for the applicants residing in Japan. A copy of Foreign Resident Registration Card is not acceptable.)
  9. Additional documents required by the department to which you are applying. For further information, please contact the department office.

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